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Invented for life...

Here at ViewClickBuy, we think cooking should be a pleasure, not a chore. Working at the wrong height, for example, can really spoil one's love of cooking. The solution? Our Bosch built-in microwave that can easily be installed in a tall cupboard or wall unit at eye level. That way, you can always keep an eye on your breakfast croissants and hardly need to lift a finger, let alone bend down.

Efficient yet stylish...

With this Bosch built-in microwave, you can cook powerfully and quickly. These microwaves are integrated into your existing kitchen design, they blend seamlessly into your kitchen and let you get creative. Bosch built-in microwaves let you create delicious meals in a fraction of the time it would take in your standard oven.

The perfect kitchen partner...

Prepare all your favourite meals with this Bosch BFL523MS0B built in microwave. With a 20 litre capacity, this microwave is a great choice for preparing tasty meals. It has an 800 Watt power output, which heats in no time.

Making life that much easier...

Whether you’re preparing a quick meal for a snack or a succulent joint of meat for dinner, everything will be cooked to perfection. All down to the 7 microwave programmes which automatically set the perfect cooking time and temperature for you. It also has a handy timer which you can set to turn the oven off once your food is ready.

What else is there to know?

These are all the top features!

  • Electronic clock
  • Built in installation
  • Automatic safety switch off
  • Easy to use electronic controls
  • Side openeing door: Left hinge
  • 20 litre capacity
  • 25.5 cm Glass turntable
  • 4 defrost and 3 cooking programmes 
  • Total connected load electric: 1.27 KW
  • Retractable control dials and Touch controls

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Our Home Appliances are dedicated to providing intelligent, reliable, and appealing solutions to make life a bit easier every day. Our products are there whenever people need them, and harmonise with the home environment when they’re not — always supportive, never obtrusive.

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Microwaves are an essential component of any modern kitchen. Not only do you save space but it works perfectly, making cooking that much more enjoyable.


Simple to use and easy to operate this model will not only modernise your kitchen, but also do a great job of preparing those quick microwave meals.

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Being built in, this microwave will fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinet and free up your work surface, perfect for a family enviornment.

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